Saturday, June 27, 2009

5 Months

Colten is 5 months old today. How can that be??? It seems like time is just flying by and he's growing up so quickly right before our eyes!
Here are some pictures from today. They were rushed, so they could have been better, but he looked so cute and I had to get the camera before cooking dinner!

Here are some things about Colten at 5 months.
  • Colten loves looking at Austin and smiling at him!
  • He looks for the dogs too...he already found Abby's ears and loves to "pet" them.
  • Colten is moving...despite being told that he's not allowed to do things like that! He's up on his knees and rocking. Lord help us and our house!
  • He still loves to be held, but is liking the floor more and more.
  • He loves his exersaucer in the mornings and his bouncer is right up there with it too!
  • Colten is ticklish around his ribs and under his arms.
  • He loves to be up in the air or bounced.
  • Colten LOVES the water and splashes as much as he can when around it.
I know there are many more things that I can say about him, but these are the highlights.

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jilljohnandhope said...

i cannot believe all the things he is doing! He is going to be walking before Noah!