Friday, June 19, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

We went to the Naturals Game on Tuesday with the kids. It was half off group night, so we got tickets for $3 each from the playgroup that we are a part of.
The ballpark is a great place for families They have several areas for blankets, a playground, and they also set up big bouncer stuff for the kids (for a price, of course!). Oh, and the night we went, they also had free hotdogs, chips and drinks for the kids! Even better!
The Naturals were playing Tulsa, but I have no clue who won. We left before the game ended and we never looked up who won.
Here are some pictures from that night:

(not sure why Colten looks so unhappy!)

Austin went through this obstacle course probably 20 times or more! He had an "unlimited play" bracelet that we bought for him, so he wanted to be over there the whole time!

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