Thursday, June 25, 2009

Photoshoot in Alabama

We packed up the car and drove 13 hours to Alabama to visit Matt, Paula, Nathan and Anna. It was a LONG drive, but both kids (and the dogs) did excellent! We stopped about every 3 hours or so and fed Colten and walked the dogs, let Austin stretch his legs and go to the bathroom. Even though it was a good experience, it still would be nice to have money and be able to fly down there! So much easier! Oh well!
We had a great time visiting. The kids loved being together again, and Colten got a LOT of attention from his older cousins! Anna is definitely a little momma! And Nate even changed a couple of diapers! They both knew how to make him happy (unless he was hungry!) and helped out a lot with him.

We really enjoyed spending time with Matt and Paula. We lived less than 15 minutes from them for 2 years and have missed being near family the last year and a half! It was great to just hang out like we used to.

On Tuesday, Paula and I got the kids in white shirts and had a mini photoshoot. It went pretty well considering the sweltering heat that we were dealing with...highs in the 100s with the heat index even higher! The kids were troopers and we got in a few good ones! Well, the older two did great, but with all the picture taking my two boys get, they just were NOT in the mood for this photoshoot! I got some good shots, but could have gotten a lot more if Austin would have gotten in some of them, and Colten would have smiled a little!
Overall, I think they turned out pretty well. Not bad for an amateur without photoshop, right?!? :-)


Ellie said...

Looks great to me!

Anonymous said...

Well, I think these are the cutest kids I've EVER seen!

yaya said...

that was YaYa who was anonymous--I forgot my password!