Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Is he ready?

So, I have been saying from the beginning that I was going to wait until 5 or 6 months for Colten to get any solids. I have my reasons...but mostly, I figured we've been doing well with breastfeeding so far, no sense in messing with it!

Well, Colten seemed to have different plans. He has been reaching for our food everytime he sees us eating. He smacks his lips and just LOOKS like he wants to eat what we are eating. He's also getting up at 2am again. So, I thought that maybe he was ready to try something new.
What do you think?

Here's how it went:
First bite: What's this? Let me try!

WHAT did you just give me?

Big Brother trying...he doesn't look too happy!

MY turn with the spoon!

All done!
Overall, he didn't do too bad. He didn't really get the hang of it until the very end, and even then he didn't really eat it, but more sucked it off the spoon instead. He still woke up at 2am that night! :-) Guess he's not waking cause he's hungry, but because he just wants to wake Momma up!
The next day we tried again, but he wasn't too interested, so I just stopped. We aren't doing any of it while we are in Alabama, so we'll just try again in a couple of weeks!

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