Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Friends in Alabama

While we were stationed at Fort Campbell, we met Brian and Colleen. The Brian's were in the same infantry battalion and bonded over neither of them being infantry. We all had fun hanging out, going to dinner, and watching our 3 crazy dogs (their two Golden Retrievers and our Abby) playing and wrestling.
When we left Fort Campbell, Austin was 4 months. Both families have grown and continue to grow (no, we don't have an announcement...Colleen is due in January). It had been over 4 years since we've seen our friends! Since we have been trying to take advantage of this school time to travel and visit people, we decided to take a trip and visit them.
They live 9 1/2 hours from us. Our kids are AWESOME travellers though, and this trip was no exception. While Austin watched movies and played with a few smaller toys, Colten slept, ate and was entertained by Mommy. He also got his first taste of Baby Einstein movies. He watched two different episodes and LOVED it!
We pulled into their driveway at exactly 9 1/2 hours, unpacked the car, figured out sleeping arrangements and put the kids to bed. However, us adults stayed up until 2:30 or so catching up!
The rest of the weekend was a lot of the kids playing, adults talking and hanging out. Their kids, Connor and Dylan are CUTIES! Connor is 3 1/2 and Dylan is 1 1/2. Connor is BIG TIME into the movie, "Cars." He has pretty much every character in the movie (some I didn't even remember). This means that Austin is now back into the Cars characters as well. LOL.
They both argued a lot...and most of the time it had something to do with Frank, the combine from the tractor tipping scene in the movie. Despite the arguing (which drove us parents nuts), I think they still had fun...which can definitely be proven when Austin called Connor "friend" instead of by his name. Yes, we are still having problems with remembering names.
Dylan and Colten were both in their own worlds...and were probably the easier two of the four! Of course, little Dylan knows all the names of the Cars characters as well...it was so funny! True to being kids, they would make a huge mess in the living room, then would move upstairs to the playroom while the adults got to clean up the mess. Typical, right?
Other than hanging out, we did a few things outside of the house. The first was visiting a discovery-type museum with the kids. It had a lot of fun stuff for them to do, but one area in particular had the kids attention the most. Can you tell what they played with the most?

Well, three of them played in the water the most...our little one played in the infant area and LOVED it!
Another day we went to Chuck E. Cheese. No pictures from there because of the lighting and the craziness in that place! The kids had a blast though and some great prizes were won!
The last full day we were there, we went to this AWESOME playground that was nearby and let the boys release some energy. At least the two older boys got to run around...the two younger ones hung out with the Mommies.
Some pictures were taken by Brian and some were taken by me....
See how hot they got playing hard?

I have to give Brian some props. He took this picture of Connor and I just LOVED it. I did lighten the whole picture a bit and increase the contrast a bit, but the eyes were left alone...they are just THAT blue! Gorgeous, huh!


Like I said, the little boys got to stick around the Mommies...but don't worry, Dylan got to climb all over the table to get some of HIS energy out!
Colten was in his stroller for some of the time to eat his snack of Puffs, sometimes I let him cruise around the picnic table and at the end, I let him try to crawl on the concrete...but he didn't like that too much since it was pretty rough on his knees.


We had a great time with our friends...and can't wait to see pictures of the newest BOY in their family in January! I just hope that it's not another 4 years before we see these great friends again!

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