Sunday, September 20, 2009


Austin, all of a sudden, is stuck on Subway. Yes, the restaurant. I'm not even sure why since we haven't eaten there as a family since on our way to Alabama to see the Hawkins Family.
Anyway, just the other day, he was doing something and just blurted out,
"Subway...Eat Fresh!"
Then, on Friday, we were at Wal-Mart to get some groceries and it was right around lunch time. We were getting into our car and leaving when Austin said he was hungry. We told him we were going home to eat lunch and we'd feed him then. He said he wanted to eat out and that he wanted to go to Subway. I told him we weren't eating out and that I could make him a subway sandwich at home if he wanted.
"No, I want to eat at Subway."
Brian said, "Buddy, Subway costs money and we aren't going to go out to eat and spend money when we don't have to. Mommy said she'd make you a sandwich at home."
"But Daddy! We can go to Subway and get our food and eat it at home!"
I guess we really need to stress that getting food at a restaurant is still using money even if we take it home to eat.

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