Thursday, September 17, 2009

Getting Ready for Saturday

It's football season...and our household is getting ready for the first Razorback game in Fayetteville!
Tickets have been bought (thankfully they were only a dollar each due to Brian being a student!), parking pass has been obtained (Thanks Courtney and Coleman Family!), Razorback apparel has been planned, menu is being worked on, plans are being made, and Hog Calling Practice has been done for a long time (we'll see if Austin actually does it this year...he gets embarrassed pretty easily).

One thing that hadn't been done until today was getting the grill ready. Poor Brian has had the worst luck with this area. We have bought three...YES 3....of those darn things! Everytime, there has been something structurally wrong with them. The first grill had a piece of plastic in the bottom of the box that had obviously been broken off of something...found out that it was the handle. The second grill came with two lids...and no base. The third grill had the same EXACT problem that the first grill had (can we say cheap?).

Well, after going through this 3 times, Brian wised up and just got a different grill. :-) While I picked Austin up from school and took the kids to the park today, Brian went to Wal-Mart, returned the final grill and then went to Lowes to see what they had. He ended up with a small charcoal grill, a plastic charcoal bin, a charcoal chimney starter, lighter fluid, and wood smoking chips. We orginally wanted a charcoal grill anyway, but Wal-Mart was out. We should have just gone to Lowes to begin with!

So, after Austin got home and Brian was done with homework, they started putting the grill together. Austin was so excited about helping Daddy with this. Before they were done, Colten woke up and "helped" as well.

Obviously, Austin had his opinion on how it was supposed to be done...

The boys working hard getting the lid on correctly...Guess Colten figured they were missing a piece.

Making sure it absolutely works.

Not hot yet boys...
So, now we are officially ready to tailgate!

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