Tuesday, February 9, 2010

21st Percentile???

We went to the doctor on Monday for both of the kids check ups. Austin went happily, knowing that he wasn't going to have any shots, and Colten goes easily because he's too young to fight it!
We get there and get both kids are weighed and measured.
Austin is 47.5 pounds and 45.5 inches. (about 90th and 95th percentile respectively...I had to look it up since they didn't tell me that at the dr office).

Colten was 23 pounds, 10 ounces and 29 inches. That's about the 66th percentile for weight, but only the 21st percentile for height! Yes, we have a short little boy with this one! :-) Oh, and his head circumference was in the 60th percentile (but I can't remember the actual number).
Both boys are doing great. Colten had one shot, the polio vaccine, as we are doing an alternative vaccine schedule with him. This appointment would have been the big MMR shot (among a few others), but I am waiting until at least 18 months for that one. If anyone has any questions about our alternative schedule, feel free to e-mail me...we think it's really working out well! Colten hasn't been nearly as cranky as Austin was after getting shots (we did everything on schedule with him) and has never had a fever from any of his vaccines. Totally worth it, in my opinion! Plus, we have the ability to narrow down a particular vaccine easier if he ever has a reaction. We will definitely be following the same schedule with our next baby as well!
We go for Colten's next appointment at 15 months...right before we move to North Carolina!

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