Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Little Rock Snow Day

With the ice and snow we got while in Little Rock, plans were changed a bit and Daddy went out and bought a sled for Austin. The day before the weather hit, we had gone in there to get a few things and I saw some sleds and almost picked one up. I knew I should have, but for some reason just didn't. It would have been better for the boys to sled together, but when Brian got back to Wal-Mart, there were only two kinds left, the disc kind being one of them. The other was some flimsy sheet of foam and we both thought it wouldn't last.
When Daddy got back from Wal-Mart, he and Austin got bundled up for the cold weather. Luckily, Yaya and Bobo had found some snow pants before we even got to Little Rock and had them sitting in our room waiting for us! Austin's red pair were a tad* big, so I had to roll the pant legs up inside of themselves and they ended up working perfectly. (*I really think the red pants would have fit me...just to show you how big they really were!)
When the boys got outside, they weren't real sure where to sled. Bobo's yard was WAY too steep to sled on (at least for Austin!), so I went across the street to their neighbors house and asked her if we could sled in her yard. She was nice enough to let us, which was really good because she had the perfect beginning slope for Austin.
He looks a little scared in this picture...and I'm not even sure it was the first picture I took of him before he went down!
But, he sure did love it...no doubt about it!

Then, at some point, it was Daddy's turn.

I think Austin was a tad cold, don't ya think?

Excuse the snot...
He had a blast and was ready for a bigger, better hill after a while, so Daddy loaded him up in the car and drove over a couple of street to see if they could find a better hill. They did and came back an hour or two later, happy, but cold.

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