Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Snow Fun

When we got back to NWA on Sunday, we passed by JB Hunt Park on our way home and saw all kinds of kids sledding down a great hill. We got home, unloaded the stuff, and the boys left for some more sledding fun. They were gone for 2 hours and came back happy, but tired. Austin has really fallen in love with sledding and wanted to go again the next day, but also wanted to make a snow man.
The next morning, during Colten's nap, we all three headed outside to make the snow man. The snow was still a little powdery for that, so we got out the sleds (we have an old Flexible Flyer from when I was a kid) and let him have some fun in our driveway. The tire tracks from our vehicle had frozen over the night before and provided the perfect tracks for the sleds!

At some point, Austin decided to eat the snow (we made snow ice cream the night before, so maybe he thought it would taste just as good?). He was having a blast making snow angels and just rolling in the snow!
Then, it was back to sledding.
Finally, the snow was starting to melt a bit so that it was a little more wet and we were able to get it packed enough to start the snowman. We worked really hard on the bottom, but the middle and head were a lot easier as it got warmer. Finally, he was done, but Brian wasn't!
Brian decided to make a bigger snowman and made his HUGE base. Of course, stopped rolling on the other side of the yard, so he and Austin pulled it over with the sled.

Austinw as really proud of his first snowman!
Colten woke up and I got him dressed and ready to go out. His first snow experience wasn't that great, so I was hoping he'd like it a little better this time. It was really bright out, so I think that bothered him a lot.
He also doesn't have the proper shoes or clothes to really play out in the snow, so that could be another reason he's not too thrilled about it!
Nonetheless, he did warm up to it a little and played some catch with Daddy (notice the nice Hawaiian football?)
Then he posed for some pictures with Daddy.

And yes, in case you're wondering, I really need to hire someone to follow me around so that I can be in some pictures with my kids and husband!!! I seem to be missing in a lot of pictures, but that's just the way it is when you are the one that always thinks to capture this stuff in photos!
Oh, and I am completely done with I type this, we have the white stuff on the ground AGAIN and Austin was home from school today because of it. I'm done...when is Spring coming to our area???


UrbanIdeas said...

beautiful photos. I found you through Blogfrog due to the breakfast pizza. Are you a professional photographer?

Brian and Kerum said...

Thanks! I definitely try and capture good photos! I'm definitely not a pro at all, just a girl with a camera! :-)