Friday, February 5, 2010

Party Cake

Colten and Austin were supposed to have a birthday party on Saturday, the 30th at our house. Unfortunately, the weather had other plans.
With a huge ice storm coming our way, we postponed the party until the next weekend and headed down to Little Rock to avoid the ice. Our fear was another power outage and hotel expenses. We just didn't think we could handle two dogs and two kids while holed up in a hotel. It wasn't fun when Colten was a newborn, so we knew with two active kids it would be much worse!
So, our plan was to have a few of our friends over to Brian's parents' house, again, the ice had other plans. Little Rock got a bit of the ice as well and no one wanted to take any chances and get out on the roads. Completely understandable, so we just had a small party with just us and Yaya and Bobo.

We opened up presents first, then introduced Colten to the wonderful world of sugar!
He obviously knew that it was something good because he was getting quite upset as we started singing Happy Birthday to him instead of handing over the cake. Finally, the song was over and Daddy started putting the cake on the tray and didn't even get it put down before Colten had his hand digging in!
The first touch was a little different than he's used to I guess and he looked to us to see if he was ok to continue.
It didn't take him long to realize that he was actually allowed to dig in like this and shoved handful after handful of icing into his mouth.
He finally got into the cake part and by now was in sugar la-la land.
He's pretty proud of himself by now and has done some damage!
Can this boy be any cuter???
Finally, we pulled the cake from his fingers and got an "after" photo. He definitely wanted more and was licking his fingers and trying to get every bit of cake off his tray before we washed it off.
There was another boy who was happy to get some cake that day! IMG_9094
I have to say that Austin did a great job at rolling with things and not being too upset about his friends not being able to make it over. This boy is awesome!


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Devilpup00 said...

Very cute and sweet boys!!!!