Thursday, February 4, 2010

Birthday Morning

Colten woke up to the traditional birthday decorations in our house. He loved it. He would go out, then come back in, then go out again and in again.
Over and over. We always decorate with streamers and balloons for birthdays and I always like to do a doorway with streamers. The kids love running through them, even if it gets annoying throughout the day as we adults have to walk through them as well!

After walking into the living room, he spied the balloons we had on the floor for him to play with. This boy loves balloons! Then, he finally spotted it! His very own couch!

He's been needing his own chair or something. Austin had one similar around the same age and loved it, so we figured Colten would too. We weren't wrong! He doesn't really like it to be in the sofa position though...he will go up to it and pull it out into the bed position and then sit down. Even if someone has just put it back into the sofa position, Colten thinks it has to be in the bed position! He does this with a few other things too...he definitely has his opinion on how certain things should be!

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