Thursday, May 27, 2010

Connected Once Again!

It's official...we have internet! Yay! We also have a land line, which is important as well since our cell phones do NOT work very well in (or around) our house. In fact, Brian has had to do most of our business standing at the end of our driveway. I refuse to go all the way out there and usually talk on the phone while sitting in the garage, on the front porch or leaning against the window in my bedroom. Sounds like fun, right?

So, we got here on the 15th. Since then, we have been busy, busy, busy! Things were going pretty smoothly at first. Movers came on Monday, cable was hooked up on Tuesday, we had appointments for the fence, phone/internet, and security system. However, that's about as smooth as it was going to get. The fence guy, last we heard, was having medical tests run. The phone and internet was supposed to be hooked up last Friday and we had to keep calling them and pestering them to get it done. The security system was waiting on the phone company, so now that should be done quickly (they are the only ones who have been on time for their appointment), but since the phone guys were here so late, I have to wait until tomorrow to call the security company for another appointment. We are supposed to get blinds installed, but they had to order the color we wanted. We had a guy come out today for a bid to get sod and possibly irrigation system installed in our yard (the front is already sodded, but our HUGE back yard is nothing but a big sandbox with weeds sticking out all over the place).
As you can tell, a butt load of money is being poured into this house already! LOL. The joys of owning your own home...especially one that was just built. We love it though. The downstairs layout is awesome. I do wish it was one story, but nothing out here seems to be. I told Brian that I think we'll lose 10 pounds just going up and down those stupid things! However, all the sweets I am craving will probably not help. :-)
Speaking of that area....Aiden is doing great! He is moving a LOT now and growing so much! Brian has felt him move for a few weeks now, but Austin was able to feel him the other day and you should have seen his face! He is REALLY excited about having another brother. Whenever he says 'Good morning' or 'Hi' to me, he also says it to Aiden. He gives me a hug, then has to give Aiden a hug. It's so cute. Colten has no clue what is going on. He's just not old enough to understand it all. His world will be rocked in September.

Brian will be signing in to work on Tuesday. The days of being home all day are coming to a close. He'll in-process for a few days, then start working with his unit. He's supposed to go to Airborne Schoole at some point, but we don't know when that will be. We've talked to Austin a bit about this since it's been so long since Daddy has had to go to work! The days will probably be long since he won't be coming home after PT or during lunch very often. He'll be gone for 12 or more hours every day and I know the kids will not like this change. Of course, neither will Mommy! I rather enjoy the fact that when I am irritated or frustrated or just plain tired, I can send Daddy to deal with it. :-)
I know, this is another post without pictures. I need to get them uploaded from the camera. I have all kinds of pictures to post and just haven't felt like getting on the computer since I wasn't able to get online! :-) I'll get them posted in the next few days. As for pictures of the house, I'll get those taken soon. I want to get a few more things done around here before showing everyone what our stuff looks like in here!
Can I just say how excited I am about having internet again? Of course, it means I will have to resist the computer when I am supposed to be working on getting things organized. Yeah, I am not so good at temptation like the internet!

Goodnight all...see you again tomorrow!

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