Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Football Player in Training?

At the end of April, the Razorbacks had their Spring Game and there was RazorFest all afternoon before the game started. We took the kids to RazorFest for a bit before the game and did a few of the activities. I think Austin favorite activity was the football activity that the Fayetteville H.S. football players were running.
He did great running through the ropes,
Breaking through the pads,
but probably needs a little work on how to throw a football. Guess we've been working more on baseball than football, huh!
After a short down pour, we got some seats to watch the game.
Everything was wet and yucky, but the boys didn't seem to mind.
Colten was even clapping for the team as they came out of the locker room.
We made it through the first quarter, but the kids were driving me crazy and we had already been there for a few hours, so we left. I know Brian wanted to stay for more of the game and I offered to just take the kids to a playground for them to run around so he could watch more, but he said that wasn't necessary.
We went home with some tired, but happy kids (and a happy Daddy since he got two shirts and a hat on sale at Hog Heaven). Can't wait to see how the Hogs do this coming football season!!!

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