Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We'll Call Him...

We've kept it secret for long enough. We picked out a name and have told close family and now it's time to tell everyone else. :-)
Our third son will be Aiden Parker
We are excited to give this little guy an identity and refer to him by name now. If you're wondering where we got the name, we just tried to come up with names that we liked for his first name that went with our two other crazy boys' names. Brian and I sat down one night and talked about all kinds of names and then each made a list of 5 names, crossed off the ones that one of us didn't like and then picked which we both liked the best. For his middle name, we made a list of all the names we thought sounded good with Aiden and then let it sit for a day or so before making the final decision. The process was actually pretty easy and I'm so glad we have not had any big debates over any of our kids' names!
I'm over half-way done with this pregnancy and can't wait to see what our little Aiden looks like! Until then, I'll just enjoy the kicks and flips he does in there and the time we have left with just TWO kids! :-)

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