Friday, May 7, 2010

Last Diamond Hog Weekend

This past weekend was the last time we'd be able to attend a Razorback Baseball game. We made the most of it and Brian went to all three, while the boys and I went to Saturday and Sunday's games.
On Saturday, we grilled hamburgers and ate there. The kids love being at the games and have so much fun running around and playing with the other kids.
Daddy's cheese burgers were excellent!
Of course, I think Colten's favorite was the bad-for-you Cheetos that we let him have sometimes.
Austin seemed to agree, but ate his cheese burger so quickly I thought he had dropped it on the ground! One second I look over and it's there and the next second it's completely gone. Hungry kid!
Want to know what these kids were watching? Nope, not the game! Something MUCH more exciting! They were watching ... wait for it.... ice melt! :-) I think they did this for about an hour. They'd go and get big chucks of ice, put it on the concrete wall in front of the fence and then watch it melt. Not my idea of fun, but it kept them entertained.
Austin has been Calling the Hogs in public for a while now. Colten has been Calling the Hogs a bit as well, but won't really do it in public. He has more fun watching everyone else do it. It's funny though, he'll put his hands up in the air and say, "woooooooo!" He also LOVES his stuffed Razorback when he's going to bed. He reaches for it and hugs it tight when we put him down. Daddy's so proud!
I'm ONLY putting this picture up because I like that both of our kids love Ribby the Razorback! I look awful and fat (not pregnant!). However, it's a memory nonetheless and I need to get over myself! :-)
The weekend was great and it got us out of the hotel we were in both afternoons. The kids came home exhausted and slept really well both nights. We are going to miss these kinds of weekends when we move!

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