Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Missing Us?

We're still here....just busy, busy! Our internet gets hooked up on Friday morning...thank goodness! I am so ready to be "connected" again!
So far, we have the kitchen boxes completely unpacked. The living room is pretty much set up, but we have alot of knick knacks that need places since we don't have the built in shelves we had in the Arkansas house. The dining room is full of picture boxes since we haven't even thought about hanging anything!!!
The kids are loving the house. Colten likes the stairs a bit too much and we have to have a gate up at all times at the bottom so he doesn't climb them all the time. We are currently working on trying to find a gate that works for the top of our stairs. Austin finally got his trampoline that he's been wanting and Brian had time today to put it together. Austin will be out in the backyard all summer.
Abby and Koa will be much happier when we get a fence (and so will Brian and I!). The fence SHOULD be installed next week, weather permitting. Other than that, the dogs are adjusting fine. Toby seemed to like sitting on the stairs when we first got to the house, however, the next morning, while letting the dogs out, he wanted out as well. Since he was an indoor/outdoor cat in Arkansas, I let him out. We haven't seen him in 3 days. We're hoping he's just busy exploring the woods and fields and will be back soon. Austin asks about him every now and then, but we are staying would be nice for him to show up soon though.
Everything is getting set up pretty smoothly! This area is weird to us since when we moved in, it seemed like everything we needed came to our door! The security companies, trash companies, blind companies, etc all watch for new residents and compete for your business. It has seemed pretty easy to get things set up so far.
Baby Aiden is doing fine as well. He had a bit of a sugar high on the way to NC since I am a HUGE snacker in the car. He is moving all around and kicking like a soccer player! Austin has been hugging my belly and giving Aiden kisses all the time now. I think he's a little excited about another baby!
Well, I guess I'll get some pictures posted after we get internet. I'm just thankful for friends letting us use their computer/internet!

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Julia said...

Hey girl! you won the step stool giveaway! shoot me your address and team (arkansas, right?) and i'll get you in touch with the company!!