Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Internet...Oh How I Miss Thee!!!

You don't realize just how much you use the internet until you have very limited access to it! All I have to say is that I miss the internet very badly. I miss the interaction on Facebook. I miss checking on the blogs I enjoy reading. I miss checking my e-mail.

Most of all, I miss posting on here! I have graduation pictures that need to be posted and a few pictures after that that I would love to share! However, it will have to wait until we get to North Carolina and get internet access. Boo!

On a great note...I'm going to have another NIECE!!! Amanda found out today that she's having a girl, so I get to buy some girly dresses for my niece! It will be a nice change to the boy clothes I have always bought for MY kidlets!

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Randy and Leslie said...

Congrats on the niece!! You will have a BLAST shopping for her. I just got another nephew...yesterday! My brother had their lil' one, Jack David. Can't wait to get to NC to meet him!