Friday, September 17, 2010

Coming Home

Colten came home on Saturday the 11th after 2 days in the hospital. I know some people enjoy the time in the hospital and think of it as relaxing. I am not a person that shares this opinion and neither does Brian! We both do much better at home and get so much more sleep once baby and I are discharged! C-section patients are allowed 3 days to stay (sometimes more) but we have always pushed for an earlier discharge and I am lucky enough to have "easy" recoveries that allow that. Even with Austin and Colten at home, we knew being home was where it was going to be easier for us! Plus, I missed my other two boys and knew they missed me!

Since it was a Saturday and the Razorbacks were playing, I thought a football outfit with Razorback hat was appropriate for Aiden to go home in!

Doesn't Brian play the part of Proud Daddy really well???

Infant carseats always look so small until you put a newborn in it...then you realize just how small your baby is when he/she is swallowed by the carseat!

Austin was patiently waiting for us when we got home. He was sitting outside when we pulled up and just ran up to the car when we parked. He was so excited that we were home with his new brother!!!


jilljohnandhope said...

He is looooong! And super cute! Of course!

Lindsey said...

Such great pictures:-) I share your feelings about the hospitals--I can't stand them AT ALL! Glad you were able to go home early and hope the transition is going well:)