Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Big Brother

With a new baby in our family, we also have a new big brother!!!
Colten is just smitten with his little brother! There hasn't been a hint of jealousy at all that I can see and only sweet, brotherly love! If we have any problem at all, it is that Colten can sometimes be a little too lovey on his brother or want to be involved a little too much. I think that's a problem I can live with...and even appreciate!
Colten is very proud of his baby. He is always coming over to see what Aiden is up to.
He gets surprised at some of the noises that his new brother makes.
And tries to help calm him by shoving putting the pacifier back into his mouth.
Sometimes, all he wants to do is be next to his little brother. He pulled this rocker up next to Aiden's swing all by himself and just wanted to sit next to him.
Colten is constantly coming up to Aiden and kissing or hugging him. He wants to hold him all the time as well.
Everytime he holds him, he gives him multiple kisses. I think this was just one of 3 times he held him in a span of 30 minutes. You know he wants to hold him when he runs and gets the Boppy and throws it up on the couch, climbs up there and puts the Boppy around him. It's too cute. Sometimes, he tries to take Aiden out of your arms when you're sitting on the couch...guess he thinks it's HIS baby!
Before Aiden was born, I was a little nervous as to how Colten would react to not being the "baby" anymore. Ok, so, I was a LOT nervous! However, he has just been wonderful and things couldn't have gone better! He seems like he's going to be a wonderful, protective big brother!
I'm sure there will be a time when he doesn't want Aiden to be in my arms or will act a little jealous because Aiden needs my attention when Colten wants my attention. This week is probably like a "honeymoon" period and we'll have a few bumps down the road. However, I can see these two growing up really close and being the best playmates over the years.


Anonymous said...

This is just the sweetest post. I love that Colten loves his new little brother. And yes, there probably will be times that he doesn't show that brotherly love. But until then, we have these pictures! Enjoy these special moments--they are precious! YaYa loves her grands!

Daisy said...

I love the picture of Colten reacting to Aiden's noises! This is a keeper.