Thursday, September 2, 2010

Getaway - Weekend Two

Yep, another getaway weekend! This time, it was an Army sponsored retreat for our entire family! We took off for Pinehurst Resort for 2 nights for a Strong Bonds retreat. All but one meal, the hotel rooms, and childcare during the sessions were all covered by the Army.
The first night we were there, we planned a picnic dinner at the beach club with the Fleshman Family (John and Brian are in the same Battalion). The beach club is on one side of a huge man-made lake. It was a really nice area and Austin was excited to swim some more!
I keep getting in trouble for not having any pregnancy pictures of myself, so I took this one. Can you see the baby belly???
This is a typical scene...but don't be fooled. While both of them look irritated, they aren't always this way! Two seconds after this was taken, I'm sure they were back to being friends again. This age is just so much FUN! LOL
John enjoying the evening.
Kaylynn...the 6 year old. Having lots of fun after a little bit of swimming in the lake.
Sydney...the 4 year old. Just so excited to be here!!!
Yep, sorry Jen! Had to get a picture of you on here! Can't have pictures of the Fleshman Family without the Momma!
Messy boy! He's still handsome with all that cheese on his face though! Again, this fishy wanted to swim all the way out to the dock in the middle of the swimming area! He got quite upset when I wouldn't take him out there at first. I had to have John help me get him out there though, it's a little hard to swim with the belly and keeping a hold on a toddler. He was happy to get out there though, just like all the big kids! He wants to be like them so much...
There are other photos from this weekend. I'll post them tomorrow! We had a blast though. The material during the sessions was hilarious but true and I think everyone learned a thing or two about the opposite sex!

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