Friday, September 3, 2010

Family Pictures

While at Pinehurst Resort, we took advantage of the beautiful settings and tried to get some family pictures. It's not the best since there's some lighting issues, etc, but I'm just glad to get us all in the same picture and all looking at the camera. :-)
We put the camera on a timer and just hoped for the best. I thought it turned out great considering there wasn't anyone back there to get Colten's attention!!!

We also took some other pictures since we were out there. It was so funny because there isn't a single picture of the three boys where all of them are looking and smiling. I kept telling Austin to just sit there and smile no matter what Colten was didn't work most of the time though! I love these pictures though...they have personality!
Brian obviously had the same problem when he was taking pictures, but I love this one too! Sometimes, the best pictures are the ones where there are genuine facial expressions going on!
This picture was taken by Austin. I think we have a future photographer on our hands. He always wants to take pictures, but with the money we put into my camera, he rarely gets to use it. We need to get more batteries for my old camera and let him take pictures when he wants.
Please keep Austin in your prayers today...he is having his EEG done in a little bit. We had to keep him up until midnight and then wake him up at 5am so that he would be sleep deprived like they want him. He's supposed to fall asleep during the test, so pray that this happens and that everything turns out ok. We don't see the doctor until the 14th, so we probably won't know the results until then. Thanks!
*This was written last night and I scheduled it to post this morning. I felt like I needed to note that since Austin had another seizure right after going to sleep. I'll post an update later tonight.

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