Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Bottle

Aiden got his first bottle the other day. We had a couple of helpers to give him that bottle and then Daddy got to take over when they lost interest.

The bottle was a 4 ounce bottle and he drank it all.

It was the perfect amount though, as he seemed to slow down towards the end and started to lose interest just as the milk was running out.

I just have to say that I hate to pump. It's just so much easier to nurse him! I need to do it more often though, because I definitely want him to take a bottle easier than Colten did! I know I'll want to leave him with a sitter at times and that's only possible if he'll take a bottle. I definitely admire those moms who soley pump for all of their baby's bottles!
Oh, and yes, you actually get to see our son's chicken legs! He is so picky about being warm and cozy. Much more so than our other two were! He has all kinds of cute outfits and no one gets to see them because he's always swaddled in a blanket! So, take a good look now, because until he gets older, you probably won't see a lot of pictures of him in just clothes!


jilljohnandhope said...

Colten feeding the baby is just about the cutest thing ever. Makes him look so big! :) And of course, Austin is super cute too! :)

Aiden and his friend Emmy could definitely hang out together in their swaddles! We were at Chili's last night and she was fussy. I didn't want to swaddle her and cover the Babylegs. But, I did, and she went right to sleep! Luckily, Mimi keeps us stocked with cute swaddle blankets!

Brian and Kerum said...

Can I just say that I LOVE the Mimi blankets??? She made 3 for Aiden and they are constantly swaddling him! He loves being in them!

I hear ya on covering the Babylegs. I have a CUTE newborn pair that I just haven't been able to show off because the kid just isn't happy unless he's wrapped up! And let's not even talk about the CUTE cloth diapers no one gets to see!!!

Yvette said...

When I had Jacob, I had to pump ALL of his bottles until he was 3 months I believe. He was only 4 lbs 1 oz when he was born and came home and couldnt nurse cause my boobs being 3 times the size of head just didnt work out. It was definitely exhausting and even when hubby got up some nights I still had to get up to pump too:(. But man once he was able to nurse, everyone was much happier. So I definitely know the feeling. Glad everything is going great with you all.