Thursday, February 7, 2008

Austin Turns THREE!!!

For Austin's 3rd birthday, Daddy and Mommy planned a day just for him! The living room and dining room was decorated with streamers and balloons and Austin got to wake up to a present waiting for him! After opening his present, he got to have mickey pancakes and watch some TV.

After breakfast, we went to playgroup with a friend of Austins, Catherine, and her Mommy. After playgroup, it was almost lunchtime, so we asked Austin wanted he wanted to do for lunch. He said he wanted to eat outside. So, we had planned on heading up to Haleiwa and get some pizza and eat out on the patio of the pizzeria. On the way up there, Austin decided he wanted to eat at the beach, so we changed our plans a bit and grabbed some McDonalds and headed to a little park that was right on the water and had a playground.
Austin ate his lunch and then played on the playground with Daddy and Mommy. After a little while, we headed home to have some strawberry cupcakes and for Austin to open one more gift.

That night, we went out to eat at Chilis and everyone sang Happy Birthday to Austin. From the looks on his face, he LOVED it! It was a great day and Austin went to bed a very happy, and tired 3 year old!

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Liz said...

Holy cow! I can't believe he is 3 years old already! How time flies....It looks like you guys are keeping busy. I am sorry about your loss...I hope you are doing well. Well, keep us updated!! Take care...