Friday, February 15, 2008

Lions, Tigers and Bears...OH MY!

Ok, so we didn't see any bears since the one that they had wasn't out, but we saw all kinds of other animals! Austin had been wanting to go to the zoo for a couple of weeks now....and it's been so yucky and rainy that we haven't been able to go, until today!
Austin had a blast and loved being able to tell us where to go. The map had little pictures of the animals, so Daddy helped Austin with the map and we trekked our way through the entire zoo!

Flamingoes....they are located at the beginngin and he just didn't know what in the world they were for..."Mommy, what are those birds for?" They do look odd when you think about it!

Looking at the map to see where we want to go first. TO THE ELEPHANTS!

Well, this elephant was more fun than the real ones because you could climb on him....

The monkeys were next....we liked how there were two that were fighting each other...they were funny.

Daddy and Austin looking at some other monkeys...I liked this picture.

Austin liked the giraffes....oh, and wiping Daddy's sweat off his forehead! EWWW!

This peakcock let Austin get REALLY close to it...but he was really careful not to scare it.

We made our way around to the Keiki Zoo (Keiki means children in Hawaiian).

Austin wanted to pet the goats....he was so gentle!

It was a good day and all three of us were exhausted! Austin did great though...he was so happy to be there and was so good...even when he was getting tired he was being good!

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