Sunday, February 10, 2008

Austin's Birthday Party

For Austin's birthday party, Daddy and Mommy had rented a bouncer and invited a couple of Austin's friends over to play.
A few weeks back, Austin was with me at Wal-Mart. As we were walking down an aisle, he ran over to something and picked it up off the shelf....and said that he wanted it. It turned out to be a tractor cake pan. For those of you who don't know...Austin is just obsessed with tractors! His Papa has a tractor and when he sees ANY tractor, he says, "Look! Papa's tractor!" So, I ask him if he wants a tractor cake for his birthday and he thinks that is just a GREAT idea. So, I buy this cake pan and plan on a tractor cake. Here's a picture of it after I was finished with it....
We had Austin's b-day celebration at 2pm and the kids bounced away in the bouncer, or ran around the yard as the adults talked. After a while, Austin said he wanted to do the cake, so we lit the candles and sang Happy Birthday. This year, Austin was pretty good at blowing out the candles...not sure if he stopped and made a wish though!

Here's a look inside the bouncer...not the greatest picture, but you can tell they were all having fun! After playing a little more, Austin opened his gifts....he got a lot of great things and even paused to read some cards! Here's a few of the kids that were with him...
Don't be jealous Hope....Catherine is just a friend! ;-)

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jilljohnandhope said...

Hope says she is okay with him having other friends who are girls! Just as long as she is still #1! We miss you all!