Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another Road Trip

We have been putting some miles on our van this summer! I think we are making up for the 3 years we spent in Hawaii and could only visit family and friends after an expensive plane trip!
We went to Missouri last weekend. It was a different trip than all the other since we stayed with my sister, Amanda. Amanda has 5 dogs. She originally had 3 dogs, but due to circumstances, she now has my parents 2 dogs as well. With our two dogs, that makes SEVEN dogs in one house. This was the part we weren't really looking forward to. However, it went a lot smoother than we had anticipated! It definitely helped that Amanda has a big yard that the dogs can run around in. Oh, and a basement that we can lock them in when we are tired of dealing with them! LOL
We got there on Thursday afternoon, had dinner there with Nana and Grandma Jean and then we stayed up way to late visiting. The next day, we went out to Dittmer to visit Grandpa Terry and Grandma Frede. Austin always loves spending time outside when we visit. There are horses, ducks, a pond and all kinds of other things he likes to explore. Grandma even made a Jello Poke Cake which is one of our favorites!
We got back from Dittmer and Nana was at Aunt Amanda's house. Both kids love Nana and we are very glad she got to come over both Thursday and Friday since she was sick the rest of the weekend and we weren't able to spend anymore time with her. Austin got to go to the playground with her that night and then got a snow cone as a special treat! He came back with the bluest tongue I have ever seen!
Saturday, we had plans to spend the day out on the river with Papa. We went over to Grandma and Grandpa Todisman's house to visit there a bit, then went out on the river in Papa's boat and had lunch (brats and chips...YUM!) Time goes by so quickly on the river!!! We swam and had fun in the water (there were a LOT of people on float trips!). Austin even fished a bit, but just really enjoyed floating down stream a bit on a life jacket, walking back up the river a bit, then floating down again!

Colten even took his nap on the boat! (and don't worry, he wasn't sleeping like this when the boat was moving...we were on the shore!)

Sunday, we had plans to go over to Grandma Jean's house for dinner (Chicken and Dumplings...YUM again!). Colten couldn't keep his hands off her necklace...he just loved it! Both kids were really good there and soon it was time for us to go back to Aunt Amanda's and get ready to go home the next day!
Our trips to Missouri are always busy, but fun trips! We see a lot of people in such a short amount of time. The kids love the attention though and its good to get a break from our everyday life!

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