Saturday, July 18, 2009

Springdale Pool

On Thursday we went to the Springdale Pool. It is a huge aquatic center with a big pool, a kiddie pool and a baby pool with splash pad. Austin loved this pool when he got to go for the VBS Party. It's always so crowded and we've recently heard of some not-so-great moves by the lifeguards, but we decided to take the kids anyway since we didn't really want to put up our own wading pool.
Both kids are loving the water this year. Austin is cautious still, but is getting more adventurous every time. Colten sits there and splashes and splashes until he (and whoever is next to him) is completely soaked! He does the same thing in the bathtub...which is why Austin has been refusing to bathe with him lately!
No pictures of Colten in the water since I didn't want to chance getting my camera wet, but here are some of what I did get!

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