Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cloth Diapers and a Giveaway

Before having Colten, I had thought seriously about using cloth diapers instead of disposables. It's cheaper in the long run (especially when they don't potty train until 3 1/2 like Austin did!) and it's MUCH better on the environment than disposables. Well, I could never bring myself to make that BIG initial purchase that is required of cloth diapers because I could never figure out which ones were the best. Cloth diapers are expensive at first (upwards of $18 PER DIAPER or more). I couldn't justify spending that money on something that I didn't know if I'd like or not.

Well, I blog hop a lot. I go from blog to blog and sometimes to a community forum called Blog Frog and lurk on their MckMama board (you can see her blog to the right...she's awesome!)

I found Julia at Sweet As Punkin Pie ( through this site and saw that she had a Cloth Diaper Giveaway! She reviewed a diaper that was designed by the original designer of Wonderoos Cloth Diapers and it sounds like a great diaper. So, I'm entering her giveaway and urge you to do the same (especially if you enter and then win and give me the cloth diaper! LOL)

The Diaper she reviewed is called the Smarti Pants ( It's supposed to be slim and absorbant. It looks easy to use and is a one size fits all diaper that can be used from 7-35 pounds. It's also used similar to disposables so you don't have to use pins or fold it. You simply snap it together and voila!

Now, will I have the courage to buy a stash of these and start cloth diapering? Not sure yet. Wish I could get my hands on one to see how I'd like it so I won't have to spend money on something that I may or may not use.

PS. Jill, or anyone for that matter, can you please tell me how to get those links embedded (or whatever you call it) into the words so people can just click on them? Does that make any sense at all???


Julia said...

I had to convince hubby too at first. we purchased some used ones from honestly, i wish smartipants would've been around then cuz they would probably be my entire stash. seriously. i really do love them!! i know the initial investment seems like alot, but like you said, you don't realize how much you're spending on disposables when you buy a box here and a box there. but for $300 to last you 2-3 years???? wow!!

keep doing your research. and the good thing about cloth diapers... you can resell them!!! (if they are still in decent condition.) so you can even make some money back on them!

oh, and to embed links, highlight what you want to embed, then there should be a button that looks like a chain link. click that. a pop up box will appear. type in the URL link and that's it!!! thanks for entering my giveaway!! good luck! ;)

Ellie said...

We did cloth for Cecily. It was a BIG mistake. If you have a septic, you want to consider the wear on your septic. The other challenge I ran into was assistance with the diapers...i.e. husband, family members who wouldn't let us wash at their homes. And after doing a bit of reading on "Raising Baby Green" a favorite book of mine, the water usage and usage of electricity or gas for your dryer may even outweigh the benefits on the environment for the cloth. If I were to do it again, I would choose to to G Diapers and still may or you can look at some of the natural diapers that are offered today! Good luck!

Kerum said...

Ellie, I had thought about the electricity/water thing before and thought that during the summer I'd just line dry them (more like putting them on a drying rack since we don't have a line and rent so we can't put one in).

Plus, he doesn't go as much as he used to when he was a newborn, so that cuts down on the laundry.

Overall, I'm still undecided...