Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Birthday Party

A little boy in our playgroup had a birthday party the other day, so we got to spend some time at the park celebrating his 3rd birthday!
We had a blast...although, having a party at a park is always a good idea. Especially when you also get to splash in a nearby creek!
Austin taking a break...there were water guns and he wasn't happy about being squired in the face. Don't worry, he got up and was back to playing and laughing just a few seconds after this was taken!
Colten was sleeping when we first got there. Then he played with his carseat buggies for a while, then entertained himself on a blanket under a tree. He was SO good at this party. He really loves being outside and is so laid back when he's out there.
There were Transformer party favors and a Transformer cake...right up Austin's alley!
Party blowers (is that what they are called?) At least they don't make them noisey anymore! That would not have been fun to hear on the way home!
The middle child is the birthday boy...he ate three cupcake's worth of icing. Not the cupcakes themselves, but the ICING on top of them! I have to say, it was the best kind of icing...whipped cream icing! YUMMY!

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