Saturday, July 18, 2009

Where Has My Baby Gone???

Colten is growing up....WAY too quickly!
First, the day we left for Missouri, he did this (excuse the mess and the poor picture quality):

Not competely standing up...but too darn close for our comfort!
Next, he started teething hard core when we were in Missouri. The day after we got back (Tuesday the 14th) he got his first tooth! He has the bottom left front tooth in and the right one isn't too far behind. We can already see the white spots under his gums.
Yesterday, he started going from all fours to sitting. He did it twice yesterday, and he's been doing it all day today! He's still not crawling, but OH SO CLOSE! He gets around...sort of by scooting. It takes him forever to get anywhere and that is VERY frustrating to him!
Oh, and he's also LOVING his food as of yesterday. I took some bananas and mashed them up and fed him that. He LOVED it. Today, I took mashed up bananas and added them to the sweet potatoes that he didn't like on Monday and he ate ALL of it! He was even going after the spoon like he was starving! He still isn't into cereal, but he did eat some after I put some pear juice into it. Just a little to sweeten it up a bit.
Colten's doing so much...our baby is growing up!


Liz said...

WHOA!!! that is WAY too fast!! :) your little man is crazy mobile! hannah is so laid back and chill, she doesn't even care to roll over. lol. we are practicing sitting and that is about it! :) she broke her first tooth on saturday. you better start baby proofing your house girlie! lol - love seeing the pics! austin is getting so big and you are going to have a walker at age 7 months! lol.

Kerum said...

I better NOT have a walker at 7 months! We are totally not ready for that! Both kids were pretty mobile, but Colten is crazy! Would be sort of nice to have a laid back kid and not have to worry about baby proofing this house for a while longer!