Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Growing Up

Our boys are growing up so much! Tonight, we went to the park after dinner. We tried going earlier today, but the minute Austin went on the slide, he got right back off and said they were too hot to play on. We promised to go to the park near our house after dinner when they would be cooled off a bit.
We get there and decided that Colten would probably LOVE the swings. He adores being up in the air. Either thrown up or swung up or even upside down! He just giggles every single time. When he first got in, the sun was in his eyes and he just hung on for dear life...before he was even swung! A few swings later and he is giggling and smiling from ear to ear. He is just so happy! We decided we needed to get him one for our backyard.
Austin has been practicing on the swings as well. He's been trying to swing by himself for a little while now, but just hadn't figured out how to pump his legs efficiently. He did it a little bit a few days ago, but tonight I think he mastered it. Brian started off pushing him, but then he was doing it all by himself and was going pretty high and staying that way all by himself! He was so proud!
They really are growing up right before our eyes!

Hanging on for dear life.

This really is a happy face...he does this all the time followed by a smile and a giggle.

A perfect view of the proud Daddy with a cute kid peeking over the swing.

So happy!

Always trying to climb UP the slide!

The big boy swinging by himself.

So Proud!

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