Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Colten, 6 Months, and a comparison

Can you believe just how cute this boy is!?!

Babies never cease to amaze me! You take this little bundle of what sort of looks like a person home from the hospital. He doesn't do much other than cry, sleep, use diapers, and cuddle (which is by far the best thing they do!).
Fast forward 6 months and you have a completely different being! Somewhere in between, they roll over, push up, smile, giggle, and show a little personality!

Colten, you have grown up so much in these last 6 months! Here are some things that are doing/loving:

*You still love to be held. Sometimes it's hard when you want to be held, but also want to be moving at the same time!

*You are still scooting around, but now throw in a few crawls here and there as well.

*You have started pulling up on things and have even cruised a few times to get to things you really want to get to. This is a major source of frustration for you since you want to walk so badly, but just don't have the ability to do so yet!

*You LOVE bananas! I can mix anything with bananas and you will eat it up (well, except for cereal..that you don't like no matter what is mixed with it!). You have eaten avacados, squash, sweet potatoes and applesauce.

*When fed, you don't wait around for the spoon to come to your mouth. You lunge for that food, which makes mealtime very messy!

*You chow down on teething biscuits. We gave you one and the mess you made with it was totally worth it when we saw how much you enjoyed it!

*You love your big brother, Austin. You can be crying in your carseat, but if Austin talks to you, you stop crying and smile at hime! By the way, your big brother adores you as well!

*You have TWO teeth now!!! This creates a problem when you want to chew on our fingers! It also created some problems at bedtime, but we are hoping that gets better soon!

*You have been using a toy piano as a walker and scoot across the living room with it very quickly!

*You are still a champion nurser. This makes me so happy knowing that you are getting the very best food there is!


I went through some pictures of Austin when he was 6 months old and thought I'd include one here to show a comparison between the two boys. Mind you, this picture is pre-DSLR camera and the camera I did have obviously liked the grass to be in focus and not our adorable little boy! SO, excuse the poor quality!

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