Monday, July 20, 2009

Not MY Child!!!

Welcome to Not Me! My Child Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over here to read what her MSC (Many Small Children) have never done! Also check out what other parents are saying about their perfect children!!!
This is usually a Not Me! event complete with people NOT admitting the silly, embarrassing things they have done during the week. I have NEVER played since I am WAY too perfect to do anything embarrassing! However, I will certainly tell all the funny things my child has done (I say child since Colten hasn't really had the time yet to do anything other than have blowouts EVERY time he finally has a dirty diaper).

So, here it goes!

Austin most definitely did NOT potty train at 3 1/2. I had NO fears of him going to kindergarten in diapers. In fact, he potty trained so early, all the other parents came to me for potty training advice!!

When he DID potty train, Austin did NOT get caught squating on the bathroom counter peeing into all OVER the sink...we most definitely did NOT have to replace our toothbrushes that night in order to brush our teeth.

My child also did not step out onto our front step and proceed to poop on the front mat instead of walking across the house to the bathroom. And he most certainly did not finish it off by urinating into the bush while he was out there!

Austin has NEVER had a tantrum. We do not allow that sort of behavior in our family. So, when his Daddy was deployed for 15 months, I did not have problems with him throwing fits EVERY time we went into a store. I got to go to the store all the time and enjoyed every minute of my perfectly behaved child. Oh, and there's no way we still have a tantrum regularly every now and then at the age of 4 1/2!
My child has never asked a plump man, that we have never met before, if he was having a baby like his Mommy. Nope! Not my child! Austin always knows the proper things to say to people.

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