Tuesday, October 27, 2009

9 Months

Where, oh where, do I start? He's just getting too big! 9 months ago he was this little, bitty baby and now he's huge...and only growing more and more everyday!

His actual 9 month pictures will be posted another day, but I wanted to add in this picture taken on Sunday when he was outside playing in the leaves.

Colten continues to do more and more things everyday. Here's a few things about him:

*The boy is walking...not everywhere YET, but about 5 steps at a time. He started out walking to me or Brian or Austin and is now pulling up on stuff and just taking off after something. He hasn't stood up without pulling up on something yet, but that's ok!

*He LOVES food. We have mostly moved on from baby food. Table foods are so much more fun and tasty! Tonight, for instance, he fully enjoyed spaghetti. In fact, I had to wait until he was done before I could eat. He just didn't want to wait for the next bite! Oh, and he is a MESSY eater. A meal isn't complete unless he's rubbed some food into his hair. :-)

*Colten is saying Dadda. He's really just making sounds, but sometimes he looks at Brian as he's saying it or when Brian comes in the room. I think he's starting to "get it."

*He started clapping on Saturday. He started only doing it when he was eating (figures, right?) and today he did it in the living room.

*Colten completely HATES to be dressed or have his diaper changed. He throws a fit almost everytime. Sometimes I can distract him with a toy he hasn't seen in a while, but usually it's a fight to get him changed or dressed. Austin did this same thing, but much later than this. We are going to have our hands full with this boy!

I leave you with the comparison picture for this month:

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