Sunday, October 11, 2009

Carousel and Girls

Our friends, Ryan and Amanda brought their girls up to our house this weekend to watch the Razorback game and to hang out with us. While the Daddies were at the game, the Mommies took the kids to the Promenade to walk around and ride the Carousel.
Isn't this old register so cool!?! I also love how the picture shows this old antique and then the newer cell phone right in front of it! :-)

The girls are so cute! They LOVED the horses and had a blast riding!

Austin HAD to ride the Razorback. Last time he had to settle for just a picture beside it, but this time he got to actually ride it.

Almost like you're look at a mirror with one of the girl's reflections, huh! You CAN tell a difference in them just have to look closely!


I love this picture even if he isn't looking at me. He really is Hog Crazy lately.

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