Saturday, October 31, 2009


Up...on some baseball photos from earlier in the month.
While we were in Missouri, Brian looked up some baseball tickets for one of the last couple of games before the playoffs. He ended up splurging on some pretty expensive tickets on the Scoreboard Patio for himself and Austin. It ended up being perfect for someone with a kid because they had a buffet, unlimited drinks, and seats at a table.
Brian hadn't been to a game in about 7 years and was excited to see the new stadium. Austin was excited that he was going to get "whatever he wanted" since they had the buffet! :-)

Austin with his new Cardinals helmet.
Austin with his other new Cardinals item...the Ozzie Smith Bobblehead they gave out to a specific number of people as they came into the game.
I think they ended up having a blast...and Brian said the seats were definitely worth the extra money. We want to take the whole family next Spring...but aren't sure if we'll get these awesome seats since we'll be buying for twice as many people! :-)

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