Sunday, October 25, 2009

Carnival in Fayetteville

We passed the Fayetteville Mall earlier in the week and saw that they were setting up a carnival. Austin also saw it...and BEGGED to go. Saturday, we decided to take him. We thought it would be a warm up to Disney World.
We had no idea it would be as expensive as it was! We ended up getting him a wrist band to ride as many rides as he wanted for $15, otherwise it would have been $3-4 PER ride! We would have loved to have gone on a few of the rides with him, but it would have cost a fortune! So, we just let him ride and he ended up having a blast.

Colten loved just being outside and watching everyone.
Austin saw this ride and decided he just HAD to go on it. He rode a similar ride in Hawaii, but didn't like it then. This time he wasn't scared but didn't exactly have fun either.
He looked like he was sick the whole time, but when he got off and we asked him about it, he said, "That wasn't fun...that hurt my back!!!" As we were walking away, he had his hand on his back like an old man. It was pretty funny. I don't think he knows how to go with the flow, so the jerky ride (it was VERY jerky) had him going back and forth too much.
This ride seemed a little young for him, but he wanted to go on it anyway. It was just a little train that went around in circles...and not very fast at that. He didn't go on it again...I think he's into bigger and better things!
This ride was a flight simulator and he ended up going on this twice.
Since the Flight Simulator took a while, the second time we let Colten out of his stroller. He pushed his stroller, walked around it and then started walking up and down the fencing that went around the ride.
We played a few games and lost some money...but it was pretty fun. Austin headed home with a little green ball that cost $4. :-) Totally justified by the fun that he had getting it!

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