Monday, October 26, 2009

Kids and Leaves

We've been deprived the last few years. I'm sure some of you could disagree...palm trees, year-round warm weather, sun, sand and waves. Sounds like paradise, huh. Well, in Hawaii, we NEVER got to see the changing colors of Fall. I, for one, missed it immensely. We never got to visit the mainland during Fall and when we moved back, the leaves had already changed and the leaves were pretty much all brown or on the ground. We literally missed it by a week or two.
Austin especially missed the opportunity to jump into piles of leaves. By the time we moved into our house and got settled, the leaves were all yucky. Brian and I, however, got the wonderful job of raking them all up anyway. All work and no play...bummer!
This year, it was different. We got to see and experience it all.

Austin all ready to rake up the leaves.

Finishing up the job.

Now...for the fun part! The first jump.



Colten woke up from his nap and I brought him outside. He didn't know what to think!


Brotherly cute! It's a little fuzzy, but I love it anyway!

Definitely loves the's so fun!

SO much fun!



Did I mention how hard it is to get this boy to look at me? He KNOWS I have that camera and is out to make it very hard to get pictures.


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Julia said...

awesome pics~ we just played in the leaves yesterday too! i'll be putting pictures up this week sometime. colton looks awesome in that skeleton costume!!