Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Christmas Full of Travel...Part One

I probably needed to show less photos, but I just couldn't! So, I have to do a few parts of our Christmas!
Last year, anyone who wanted to see us for Christmas had to travel to us. I was due to have Colten soon after Christmas (although, he decided that he would take his time after all was said and done) and we just didn't want to travel so close to my due date. It was SO nice to be able to stay put in one house. :-)
This year, we didn't have that excuse. We knew we probably needed to take advantage of the proximity of all families while we could and decided to just travel to everyone for the Holidays (Christmas and New Years).
Christmas Eve, we loaded up the car (sans dogs since they were boarded) and headed to Missouri. We were staying at Amanda's house, so we headed there, unloaded the car and got everyone's rooms ready. That night, we headed over to the Todisman's house for Christmas Even dinner.

After eating, we opened presents. I don't have any pictures of Austin actually opening gifts...he's obviously VERY good at this part and was done before I could get the pictures. :-)

Colten didn't quite have the hang of the unwrapping part at the beginning, but LOVED seeing what he got after it was revealed. He really liked this Spider Man toy that dances and sings. It came with an echo microphone and he will actually "sing" into it and dance with Spiderman. SO cute!

Family picture time before everyone leaves...do you see why I HATE using my flash? The closer you are to the flash, the more vampirish you look. Let's just say the family is a tad too big for the living room! :-)
We headed back to Amanda's house to get the boys ready for bed. Stockings were hung by the chimney door with care {with hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there}. I tried getting a picture of the boys together in their CUTE COOL pajamas. This was the best I got...still pretty cute! :-)

Then, off to bed they went. We were hoping for late morning...no such luck. At 5am, Austin came into our room, waking Colten in the process, so we tried getting them to go back to sleep. Austin wasn't happy about it, but he ended up getting a little more snooze time in. Colten took a little longer, but soon he was out as well. We eventually got up at 7:30 or so and tried to contain the boys while we woke up and got things set up.
Here's what it looked like BEFORE the boys came in.

I totally messed up the pictures of them coming in. It's a little hard since Colten can walk now and just started coming in, prompting Austin to come in early as well. Their reactions were priceless though and I THINK we have it on tape. :-) They both knew what toy Santa brought them and went straight to it.

Austin had been asking for Devestator for months...and Santa came through for him! We found out just before he came in the room that he had peeked at the living room before coming to our room at 5am. However, he said he only saw Colten's car, not Devestator (who was all wrapped up...but really wasn't). He obviously tried to hide the fact that he already knew what he was getting before coming into the room. :-)

Colten walked right up to the car, then walked around it, opened the door and got right in. He is LOVING his Cozy Coupe.

We opened stockings next...in which the boys got some pretty good stuff. Colten loves this baby toothbrush and paci keeper.

Austin was pretty happy with his loot as well. The kid loves his character socks and was so happy to have some Lightening McQueen socks to wear.

We tried to keep the morning relaxing so that not everything was happening all at once. I think we did a pretty good job with that. The kids played with their Santa toys and stocking stuffers for a while and we snacked on cocktail weiners and donuts for a bit before opening more gifts.
By this morning, Colten had started to get the hang of opening gifts. He's working really hard at pulling the tissue out of this bag.

You had to pull a bit of paper away from the package so he could grab it, but then he just started ripping.

Again, Austin is pretty proficient at unwrapping, so pictures of that were pretty non-existant at this point! The boys were REALLY happy with all their gifts and I know they got WAY too much...even at this point. We still had more to go! I don't know where we will put everything, but I'm sure it will go somewhere. I'm thinking some toys at the house will need to be donated...I'll have to get that done while Austin's at school though!
Part two will be coming soon!

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