Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas...Part Two

As I said, our Christmas was pretty relaxed and the kids played with their Santa toys before opening more gifts.
Apparently, Santa's gift to Colten was also meant for Austin:IMG_7527

We opened everything, ate a great breakfast of bicuits and gravey. Relaxed a little bit, then started in on lunch. I have NO pictures of lunch! Jimmy's girlfriend, Eryn, and Amanda's new boyfriend, Brian, joined us for lunch. Food was yummy and it was great to meet Brian!

After eating and cleaning up, Brian and I took the kids to see the Frede side of the family. They usually have Christmas at noon, so we knew we wouldn't be able to see everyone, but was glad to get there and see that a few people were still there! I am sad to admit that we haven't been to a Frede Christmas since we've been married. Hopefully, we'll be able to change that sometime. :-) It was fun to see some cousins and their kids along with some aunts and uncles.

The boys got quite a bit of gifts from their Grandpa Frede...definitely MORE than enough! :-) It looks like he had a blast picking out all the toys for them! Here's the only picture that was taken...yes, I am sometimes VERY bad at getting the camera out. I view it as "living in the moment" and not through the camera lens. :-)

{Oh, and this would be the ONLY picture of me throughout Christmas. Sad, huh! My boys are always going to wonder where Mommy was at all the major events. I guess I need to start handing the camera to someone else or start getting some self-portraits!}

Austin got a really cool scooter from Grandma Jean...and it was one of his favorite gifts. We are allowing it to be ridden in the house until Spring when it warms up a bit.


I know Amanda will love this picture. Colten was getting ready to go to bed and I was having him say goodnight to her. He reached for her and so I gave him to her to hold for a minute and this is what he did. He just layed on her shoulder for a couple of minutes. SO CUTE!

Colten playing with his Nana on our last day in Missouri. Our visit was WAY too short...but our doggies were being boarded and it can be quite expensive!


Nana and the boys...I'll be printing this one out for her new picture frame that says "Nana" at the top of it. I'm still happy that I got this picture of them all three smiling and looking at the camera on the FIRST shot!

We played Wii with Nana and hung out with her, then visited a bit with Papa before we left Missouri. The drive was pretty uneventful since we left in the evening and the kids slept pretty well.
We are visiting Little Rock now. When we got here, there was a TON more gifts under the tree. Seriously, where are we going to put this stuff at our house??? Our kids are MORE than blessed this year! I think we'll have to bless some other kids and make them happy with some great toys that we already have.


Colten had some help this time with his gifts...his cousins, Anna and Nathan were more than happy to help him!


One of the few pictures I have of Austin opening gifts. He was so quick! I only wish he would LOOK at the gift tags first...that would have helped with thanking people!!!


Nathan obviously loved part of his gift that we gave him. He immediately put the Razorback hats the same time.
Anna is ALL about Colten right now! Why is it that little girls just FLOCK to babies (for the most part anyway). She's constantly playing with him or redirecting him or helping us with him. She's going to be a great mom someday!
Brian opened one of his gifts from his parents to find that they had given him something he has been wanting to buy for a while now....a GPS! We KNOW it will come in handy as we make our way half-way across the country this summer!

A rare moment of stillness! Anna and Austin were watching a movie and Colten climbed up and started cuddling with them. Love it!
I did say we were travelling a lot this Christmas, right? Well, just wait...there's more!!!

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