Thursday, December 3, 2009

Last of the Disney Pictures

Our Disney Vacation definitely didn't go as planned, but we had a blast anyway! I am so glad that we were able to do this vacation! Here are the last few least until next time!
Like I said before, Austin got a few souveniers from the pirate gift shop, including this cool gun. The snake that Bobo got him is 6 ft long and he had it wrapped around him like it was squeezing him and he was shooting it in the head with the gun. It was pretty funny.

Colten also had a good time trying to climb the stroller at the resort.

He made us all nervous though since it was a tile floor and he almost fell off backwards!

Friday was supposed to be our last day. However, since we didn't go to the parks on Tuesday, we still had a day left on our tickets and Brian wasn't going to let that go to waste! So, since Austin didn't get to go into the "big golf ball" on Monday, we took a quick trip to Epcot on Saturday morning before we left to go back home. We were there for all of 2 hours, which is absolutely NO time when you are talking about a Disney Park!

He did get to go up into the "golf ball" by riding Spaceship Earth. It was his favorite I'm glad we took the time to go back. However, he was first terrified in the show, "Honey I Shrunk the Audience." He loved it the first time we were there in 2007, but this year not so much! It was a little too intense for him and he said he didn't want to EVER go back to that show. Eh, I'm sure that he'll want to go again when he's older. :-)

We had to get a family picture in front of Austin favorite part!
Our resort (Westgate Resorts) was awesome on this vacation! We knew it would be handy because we were trying to do this vacation on a budget, so a full kitchen would help with eating breakfast there and bringing lunches to the park. However, it was instrumental with a sick kid! I can not say how great it was to have this much room! The couch pulled out into a bed, we had 2 full bathrooms, a full kitchen, a balcony, a dining room area, and a king size bed (plus a crib) in the bedroom. There were nights when I was in the bedroom with Austin and Brian was out on the sofa couch, nights when Austin was on the sofa couch and nights when we were all 3 in the King-sized bed. It has completely sold us on a king-sized bed...but probably won't be getting one anytime soon!



Oh, and we had a washer and a dryer so we even came home with CLEAN clothes! It was so nice! The resort also had all kinds of activities we could have taken advantage of. We own a timeshare with this resort, but have never been able to use it since we were in Hawaii. We will definitely be using it more often!
Well, that's all...sorry it took me so long to post them. I hope to be better about posting pictures, but I'm not promising anything since I have yet to post Colten's 10 month comparison picture! Maybe tomorrow. :-)

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