Monday, December 21, 2009

A Virtual Christmas Card

Christmas Card

Yes, I was supposed to get our Christmas Cards out earlier. Did I? No.
I'm sure you're asking why....
Well, I couldn't decide on what I wanted to do with them. Then, I had picture issues (horrible picture, wanted another, etc). Then, I couldn't get them to print out right. In the end, I decided I just didn't like the one I made, so I scrapped the whole thing.
Today, we took the kids to an AWESOME Santa. I got a MUCH better picture. Then, I came home and created a card that I actually like. However, it is too late to send them now. I am afraid they would be late and I just don't like late. :-) So, this is how I'm sending them.
At least it can't be late unless YOU decided to put off visiting our blog and seeing our cute kids! :-)

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Linz said...

GREAT picture!! No worries on being late:-) You're too funny!! Love it and Im sure you guys had a fun Christmas! So much more fun with little ones:-)