Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa and Dinner

When I picked Austin up from school today, he said he wanted to go wherever Skylee was going today. I guess they had talked about Santa being at AQ Chicken and Austin decided that he wanted to go as well. I told him that Daddy and I would have to talk about it.
Well, we ended up taking him to see Santa. It was a good night though, since Santa gave out free surprises to all the kids and all the kids' meals were free as well. :-) We like free.
We got there a little early so we could "beat the crowd." I'm glad we did because a line quickly formed for Santa and we were third in line! The photographer that was supposed to be there hadn't made it yet (you get a free photo from Bedford Camera as well), but I had my camera, so I didn't mind. I figured if the line wasn't very long after they ate, that maybe we would see Santa again.

Santa got there and sat down and started talking to all the kids. When it was Austin's turn, he hopped right up and talked to Santa. He gave him his letter and they discussed all the things Austin wanted.


We got a picture of Austin and Santa (which my flash completely washed out!)...
Then, Colten got to sit with the jolly fellow!
Colten obviously didn't think Santa was so nice. :-) We do have a picture of him smiling with another Santa, but you'll have to wait for that one.We went also met up with Austin's friend, Triston, and his family. They were a further back in line, so we just got a table for all 10 of us. The kids had a blast playing and eat with each other. The boys got motorcycles from Santa and Skylee got a Barbie doll.
Dinner was really good and we even have leftovers for lunch tomorrow! After we ate, I went with Colten to the front of the restaurant since he was getting restless. The line for Santa was really short and by the time Brian and Austin came up there, it was our turn again. Our pictures should be done after Thursday, so I'll post them when I can. I'm just glad Austin likes Santa again...it's so much more fun when they can talk to him and tell him what they want.

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