Sunday, December 6, 2009

Family Pictures

We went to Picture People (a while ago!) since we are a member of their Portrait Club and our membership expires sometime this month. We had a few free sheets, $10 off an order and I also had a coupon for buy 2 sheets get 3 free AND another coupon for 30% off PLUS a free sheet . So, I booked two sessions since I knew Colten wouldn't last long enough for us to get the shots that I wanted (plus, I could only use both coupons if I did separate sessions). Did that make any sense? Let's just say we were still saving for Disney World and didn't want to shell out the money that better photographers charge. Maybe someday we'll be able to afford someone better, but for now, Picture People will have to do! :-)

Anyway, we hadn't had a family picture taken since Colten was still in my belly. The family pictures that we had hanging in our entry way needed updated and poor Colten only had ONE single photo of him printed out and in a frame. Let's just say I'm really bad at printing out pictures. I can never decide on what picture I want printed and just never make that decision.

I picked out clothes that we already had in our closets that coordinated and off we went to the first appointment. The goal for this was to get a family picture and pictures of each parent with the kids (together and separately). Here's what we got:

(These are scanned images, so bear with the coloring and the family picture being cut was bigger than my scanner!)

Daddy collage

This is exactly how it looks in the frames with each parent in the middle with both boys and then separately on each side.

Mommy Collage

All of the pictures that had Colten in them were done first. By that time, he'd had enough. So, I was REALLY glad we booked two sessions! Oh, I think we spent $68 on all of these with the 5x7s having two of each since they come in a sheet.

So, two days later, I took the boys by myself to get some more pictures taken. I basically wanted a picture of them together and then each separately. Here's what we got from that session!

Boy Collage

I was really happy with all of them, but was really glad she got one of Colten standing. He walked so early and I wanted professional proof of that! Plus, there is just something so cute about a baby who is just learning to walk and they have their arms out keeping their balance! Oh, and I paid all of 78 cents for these! :-) I think it definitely pays to be a member of their portrait club. I think all of these pictures would have cost us well over $200 if I hadn't had those coupons or the Club savings.

Do I think we could have gotten better pictures with an independant photographer? Of course! They would have been clearer with better coloring...but we would have gone broke getting all the pictures we wanted. So, I'm happy that we got our "photo wall" updated and didn't break the bank doing it! :-)

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