Thursday, December 3, 2009

Some More Disney Pictures

Friday was supposed to be our last day at the parks. We went to Magic Kingdom (which was what we planned the whole time). This was the only full day at Magic Kingdom though, so we hoped to do most of what we wanted to do. The night before at the Christmas Party definitely helped with that goal!

Getting to Magic Kingdom when you drive is a little more troublesome than the other parks. You don't just park in the lot and walk to the gate. With Magic Kingdom, you park in the Ticket and Transportation Office parking lot and take either the Monorail (faster) or a Ferry (slower, but different) to the gates. We went both ways and definitely know that the ferry is S-L-O-W-E-R!
However, you get to slow down and are able to take really good pictures of your kids with Mickey Ears on. See? Like this!
When we first got into the park, we saw that Pluto was there and got in line. We had seen him at Animal Kingdom, but Goofy was with him and Austin doesn't like Goofy. This time, he was by himself, so Austin was eager to get his picture taken with him! Colten? Not so much...he would MUCH rather play around the fence that was nearby. :-)

And don't even get me started why they have the kids facing THE SUN so they squint the whole time! I even have pictures where Austin is using his hand as a visor! Oh well.

We got to do all kinds of shopping and rides. I even got to get a Dole Whip (pinapple soft-serve ice cream) that was SO good. I need to research and see if I can find it any other way than going to Magic Kingdom!

We found out Colten's favorite ride: Aladdin's Carpet Ride. He was in awe just watching the ride go around and around, then just LOVED the ride while we were on it. He was SO upset that our ride was over!



Austin found a rubber snake that he wanted...and Bobo ended up going back and buying it to surprise him with!

We saw Captain Jack Sparrow on our way to ride Pirates of the Caribbean. Looks like he stepped right out of the movie!

Austin loves all things pirate right now. He got most of his souveniers from the gift shop outside of the ride. We didn't complain much about that since they weren't too of them only cost $3!

One of the things we did that we didn't have a chance to do last time was go over to Tom Saywer Island. This is an awesome place for kids who love to explore...but you have to have some time on your hands to really enjoy it. We spent just a little bit of time over there, but I got a few good pictures of Colten in a bucket while waiting for Austin and Brian to get back from exploring! I'm only posting one since I have a LOT of pictures on this post! :-)

I am starting a tradition (hoping we make it to Disney again and again in the years to come!). Each time, I want to get pictures of the kids trying to pull the sword from the stone. I guess we'll see at what age they start to resist these pictures. :-) Austin thought it was pretty neat last time, and was really eager to try it again.

Colten had to be held up there, but he didn't mind! He thought it was pretty cool as well!

Then, Austin had to get back on there and try ONE MORE TIME!

This picture was taken on our way out. My advice? Do the castle picture earlier in the day when you have kids who are still happy, your husband isn't trying to get out of there, and you have more patience with it all! :-) I can guarentee that a better picture could have been taken at a much better time than the end of the day.

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