Monday, November 30, 2009

Sisters - Day 30

Today, I am thankful for my sister, Amanda. She's almost 3 years younger than I am and has always been the shy one. She used to call me Sissy as a kid, which always drove me crazy. Now, I think that it was sweet and kind of miss it! :-) I talked for her a LOT when we were younger. First because I could understand her when a lot of other people couldn't, then because she wouldn't talk for herself because I had talked so much for her in the beginning.

Now, as an adult, she's lost a lot of her shy qualities. She's a store manager at our hometown McDonalds and seems to run the place pretty well! It's the busiest store in the area and she just seems to go with it and do what needs to be done. I know the job drives her crazy most of the time (she DOES work with teenagers!), but she's good at what she does and this is probably a good stepping stone for her to get into other areas of management in the future.

She is a saver by nature. Amanda is the kind of person who can walk into a store, carry around some article of clothing she wants, then return the shirt or pants back to the racks and walk out of the store empty handed. This is good when you didn't really need whatever it was that you were carrying around, but not so good when you really needed a new pair of jeans because all your other ones are old or not the right size anymore! However, this thought process has allowed her to become a homeowner already!!! She scrimped and saved as much as she could so that she could stop paying rent to someone and own her own home instead.

Right now, Amanda's dealing with a lot of stuff that I won't get into. As her older sister, I want to step in and make it all better. However, I just have to let things run their course and let her control what she can. Me stepping in won't do any good in some of the situations fact, it could probably make it worse. So for now, I try to be a sounding board and person she can vent to. I am so proud of the person she has become and I hope she knows just how thankful I am to have her!

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Amanda said...

Kerum...I am also so thankful for you too...You will always be my sissy til the day I die. You are someone that i have always looked up to and you will always be that person that I look up too! You are one of the best Mothers that I know to my nephews...and I just hope that one day i will be half the mom that you are to those boys to my own kids. Thank you for being that person that I can call just to talk to and or just to vent have helped greatly even though you dont think that cause you live so far away...but i am here to tell you that you have. I love you greatly and miss you so much...and I cant wait til i see you, Brian, Austin, and Colten. I love you sissy!!!!