Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thankful - Day 8

It's been a LONG day! Actually, yesterday was longer, but today just felt really long because it was day 2 of our road trip to Florida. Anyway, today I am thankful that we made it to Orlando. Sometimes, the little things are really the most important...and getting to Orlando is really important right now! :-)

The kids did great...despite Austin waking up with a fever and cough. They did great in the car and I am SO proud of them! Again, Colten was just DONE with being in his carseat about an hour and a half from our resort. However, he wasn't unbearable and we were able to entertain him enough to keep him from completely losing it!

Tomorrow is supposed to be Epcot. Austin is still feeling crummy and running a fever. We are going to see how he's feeling in the morning and what his fever is like and decide what to do from there. Hopefully, he had made a full recovery and be able to enjoy Epcot!

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