Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sick - Day 25

Today I am thankful that I'm not sick like this more often! For some reason, I have been hit by some sinus junk and now my vocal cord dysfunction is acting up and making it very hard for me to breathe. I'm coughing all the time and my throat is raw from all that coughing. My voice is pretty much gone. I only get like this once or twice a year, so I'm glad it's not more than that!
I'm also thankful for the love that Colten has for me. Right now, he's being really clingy and cranky anytime he's not being held by me. Right when I pick him up, he lays his head on my shoulder or gives me kisses. Of course, then he can't make up his mind whether to be held, or get down to play...either is just not acceptable to him. It's frustrating during times when he's so clingy, but when I think about how much he loves me, that makes it a little easier to handle! In a few years, he won't want to cuddle and give me kisses (especially in public), so I need to remember to cherish this time even when it can be frustrating.

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Julia said...

happy thanksgiving friend!! have a wonderful holiday!