Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thankful on Day 10

Today, I am thankful for Tamiflu. :-) That miracle drug has definitely helped our little boy feel much better! You know your child is getting better when he is arguing over naps and having an attitude again! LOL. Frustrating, but great at the same time. He's still kind of cranky, but I'm hoping a good nights sleep will help that since he was wasn't getting the best of sleep when he was feeling crummy.

Tomorrow afternoon, as long as his fever stays away, he will be allowed to go out in public again. Yay! The recommendation is fever-free for 24 hours. We are laying low in the morning, taking it easy, and eating lunch, then hopefully heading to Hollywood Studios in the afternoon. This is all dependent on how Austin is feeling and making sure his fever is completely gone.

I don't think I can really discuss how much I want him to be better so he can have fun. When we were at the pediatric urgent care and got the diagnoses, I was definitely upset. The nurse and doctor just didn't get why I was upset...I was so disappointed for Austin! He has been looking forward to this trip for so long...and we have scrimped and saved for this trip since we decided to go (it wasn't exactly in our budget, but we made it work). For it to be in jeopardy because of the flu was just very disappointing for us...but moreso because we knew how much he had looked forward to it. It would have been a little different if he was younger and just didn't understand what Disney was and wouldn't have really missed what he didn't know. These people just didn't understand because Disney is right down the road for them. They don't have to save and plan for a long time to go. It's like going to the mall or something for them!

So, I am praying that he's good to go tomorrow. Right now, he's still fever-free and I am so thankful for that! I hated seeing him so crummy and he didn't even have the comfort of home. I will have to say that being at a resort with an apartment-type layout has been WONDERFUL! It would have been SO much worse if it was as regular hotel room. For that I am also thankful!

So many things to be thankful for...and this post only covered 3 things. I'll let it stay at that.

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Ellie said...

Feel better Austin. What a crummy way to spend vacation but I am SO GLAD they got you Tamiflu! My biggest fear is missing that window if my kiddies get the flu!